Please provide us with all of your comments on the following products:

I’m getting so many compliments on my skin being so smooth must be wrinkle cream I honestly like the fragrance of products & daily moisture cream doesn’t leave my skin very white from spf much easier to spread more evenly too Foot balm is very nice too not peppermint like others very nice Can’t wait to see latest products Truly love your products  — Deb #4

I am very happy with all of the products and use them religiously every day! My skin feels fresh & healthy as well. Seem to run out of the anti aging cream every month, so if I could get two of them, it would be great! Also, I do prefer the SPF zinc oxide in the products. Thank you so Very Much for all your hard work!!!! — Angela

The washable face cream is my favorite! I’d love that and have not tried the foot balm, I love the anti aging cream also.  Take care & thank u again for this opportunity to be apart of this awesome line. — Panelist #2

Really enjoy having routing daily as I am not very organized with my skin care, so that became a nice bonus as well. Really like Oasis, would love to see more products! — Panelist #40

Overall, I enjoyed the Oasis products and believe my face felt hydrated throughout the day. I never had to worry about applying sunscreen. I notice a decrease in sun damage. Additionally, I noticed a decrease in wrinkles. My skin looks younger and hydrated! Great product!! — Panelist #45

From the very beginning, I was impressed with then Oasis Products. They were packaged impeccably. I was eager to start the trial and was not disappointed at all. I diligently used it every day and found it very easy to apply. Any questions that I had about the products were always answered either by my daily email tips or through conversations with Ed Morando and Anne Perkins. I would recommend this product as part of anyone’s routine in taking care of their skin needs. –Panelist #51

I loved the products I tried. Easy routine. Not greasy or watery. Nor clumpy. A little goes a very long way. Results after first use. Very pleased with the products — Panelist #2

My first experience was feeling better about myself, knowing I’m doing something special for me personally, and as I kept seeing an improvement in my skin, it made me realize, finally something is working, that’s all I needed, and never skipped a day. — Panelist #15

Oasis is a new and wonderful product that makes any man or women, at any age feel better about their appearance every day if you look good on the outside, you’ll feel better about yourself on the inside, we all need that these days, especially after the year we’ve had in the past! I want to thank Morando Brands for choosing me for the trial, and I hope you continue to be successful in the future! I f you have any new products, I most definitely would like to do another trial, Good Luck for a future with Oasis Products, maybe Shark Tank!! –Cathy

The trial was well run. I did like the products and my only suggestions are that the moisturizer could be more blendable because I thought it was a little dry and the fragrance could be better but I realize you probably want that to remain more natural rather than adding perfumes or scents. I definitely did see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. I believe that the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles was the result of the Oasis products and would continue using them. –Panelist #29

I really like how it feels in my skin and how it rinses off. I love the smell. My skin looks more even. –Panelist #52

I just turned 59 plus one and also lost 45 pounds. Since I have been using these great products from Oasis my skin is tighter and I have a beautiful glow in my face. Love love these products! I would highly recommend trying them. I have tried many other products but Morando Brands are now my forever skin products! –Panelist #22

Luxurious product. Beautiful jars. Really feel that I was improving the quality of my skin as well as protecting it from the sun! –Paneist#33

One major noticeable difference is how it treated some of the sun spots on my skin, some of them are gone completely, and my skin feels smoother and tighter. I do love the scent too, and the added skincare benefits of the terpenes –Panelist #12

The Oasis skin products have been a great incorporation into my skin care routine. The washable face cream was by far my favorite. My skin felt tight and refreshed each time I used it paired with my exfoliating brush. –Panelist #49

I can’t wait to try the other products! –Panelist#18

Great smell, can feel the difference in skin after a few days. Wonderful products to incorporate into your daily skin care routine –Panelist #37

My imperfections and fine lines were clearly reduced within just 7-10 days of consistently using the washable face cream and anti-aging cream –Panelist #43